Our History

Year Event
1847 Sumner Pratt opened the first “textile mill supply house” in the United States at 22-26 Front Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. The company manufactured some articles and supplied “mill findings” as manufacturers’ agents, they also carried all necessary machinery used in textile mills, importing most of it from England.
1871 Mr. Pratt admitted as partners his two sons, Edward R. and Fred S. Pratt, and William H. Crawford. The business prospered.
1887 A new building was erected on the sight of the old Front Street location that provided the additional space necessary for the display, storage and shipping of a complete line of mill supplies.
1888 Following the death of Edward R. Pratt, Sumner Pratt retired.
1896 J.T. Brierly, an employee, was admitted to the partnership, and in the same year Fred S. Pratt retired. The firm name was changed to Crawford and Company.
1900 The company moved to 17-19 Mechanic Street.
1905 A serious fire on March 17 necessitated another move, this time to 663-665 Main Street.
1909 W.H. Crawford withdrew and J.T. Brierly, associated with Crawford and Company for twenty-three years, thirteen years as a partner, continued the business. In December, with Mr. Brierly’s purchase of the Lombard Machine Company, the firm name was changed to Brierly-Lombard Company. The Lombard Machine Company was a producer of preparatory machinery for woolen manufacturers and a high-speed loom called the Lombard-Landry Loom.
1919 The business was sold to Standard Supply and Equipment Company of Philadelphia, operator of several mill supply houses. The two branches in Worcester and Springfield, were known as Standard Supply and Equipment of Massachusetts.
1925 These two branches were acquired by Guy W. Donahue and the Worcester branch moved to 27-29 Waldo Street.
1934 The Worcester branch was acquired by Bertram and Alpha Durell who formed a new corporation known as Brierly Lombard & Co., Inc. and immediately moved to 214 Summer Street.
1942 Another move, to 107 Foster Street, occupying 20,000 square feet of space.
1962 The business was acquired by Bernard Bruso and Robert Ladner, owners of Mill and Factory Supplies, Inc., also of Worcester. The name was changed to Brierly Lombard and Company, Inc.
1965 Another move to 1017 Southbridge Street in Worcester, Massachusetts caused by eminent domain takeovers, incorporated both Brierly Lombard and Company and Mill Factory Supplies, Inc in one 65,000 square foot location.
1981 Following the death of Robert Ladner, the business was purchased by the sons of the owners, Ronald and Brian Ladner, and Richard and James Bruso.
1997 The two companies merged into one corporation, retaining the name Brierly Lombard and Company, Inc.